2 Bull Sharks Caught in Potomac River

Random: 2 Bull Sharks Caught in Potomac River
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For the second time in three years, fishermen in southern Maryland have pulled in a shark from the most unlikely place -- the Potomac River.

Actually they caught two sharks. They got caught in fishing nets about 200 yards away from the swimming area in Point Lookout State Park in St Mary's County.

Fisherman Richard Riche got quite the shock when he tried to haul them in.

"It was a surprise, coming face-to-face with two big sharks. Lots of excitement," says Riche.

This is the second time Greg Dean has hauled in a shark off Point Lookout. He and his dad, Willy, caught one in almost the same spot in 2010.

“There are definitely sharks in the Potomac," Dean says.

The first shark was pretty close to death when it was discovered Tuesday. But the second one, eight feet long and over 200 pounds, put up quite a fight.

“It was a challenge to get him in the boat, but we got him," says fisherman Patrick Ridgell.

A Maryland Department of Natural Resources biologist was on board when the sharks were hauled in and will be looking in to why these dangerous, testosterone-fueled bull sharks, known to bite swimmers, were in the Potomac.

Greg Dean's advice is "to always be careful and never swim at night or in the morning when the sharks are feeding."

There has never been a reported shark attack in Maryland history. - myfoxdc

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