Rashe' Supreme

Rashe' Supreme


About Rashe' Supreme: Rashe' Supreme is a DMV native... born and raised In PG County. At a very young age he started learning to express himself through his style In clothing, haircuts and talking (which got him in a lot of trouble)... but writing poetry clinged to him more than anything. He had been involved in sports all his life from Soccer, Football, and Basketball... he was exceptionally good at sports gaining plenty of trophies throughout the years but that didn't satisfy him enough to follow that path. After years of keeping his poems personal or only letting his mother hear, he let a childhood friend hear one of the pieces and without taking a breath after the poem was finished his friend was convinced it was a rap, so it was a rap. Rashe' Supreme told his mother about the idea of rapping and she denounced It. Little did she know the speech she gave about rap music only inspired him to rap more.

Still following his musical path, the Landover, MD based hip-hop artist has taken his aspirations to new levels recording over 150 songs. He has also made several mixtapes, performed at shows all over the DMV, won competitions, and shot several music videos. He has also expanded on his passion not only for his neighborhood friends to see, but also his Family and strangers world wide. Currently, he is still grinding for his time to shine. From his family and couch surfing situations, to getting tangled into drugs and get mixed into In a life with no good people, his run-ins with the law, and escaping other drama. He is now trying to stay out of trouble and finally stay focused to reach his full potential, not just as an artist but a young man as well.

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