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About Shank Dogg: Shankdogg’s extraordinary musical talent has brought him fame within the Maryland area and taken him all over the DMV ( D.C, Maryland and Virginia). Hustlers are only as good as their words. With the DMV gaining recognition in the rap game, Shankdogg stands out as one of the most exciting artists to come out of the D.C area following the lead of newly introduced artist named Wale. Thanks to tracks like “ Boomin and “ I‘m here now,” Shankdogg’s authentic style and swagger has quickly made believers out of Artists, supporters, A&Rs’ and producers in the DMV area.

Unlike many mic hustlers , rapping wasn’t in Shank’s ultimate plan. Before music Shank was just trying to survive in the rap game . “I worked with local labels, and other aspiring artists off of the streets, but it just did not work out,” explains the twenty four year old DMV guru. “So I just decided to do it myself. Ain’t nobody gonna go as hard as I’m going to go. I’m a hustler and I’m vicious with words.” “ That’s what’s going to take me to the top.”

After seeing his close friends and almost losing his own life to the judicial system, and other circumstances. Shankdogg took a sense of urgency with his music, and decided to get on it. He linked up with Blue entertainment who later on introduced him to Evosys entertainment were he started to penetrate the market with his unique music/ lyrics. “ I’m real, so that’s why real nigga’s f*@k with me,” says Shank dogg. “ I do music for the people of everyday, I believe in myself because nobody else will if I don‘t.” “My idol?, I can say would be T.I.” “ People say that I sound like him but my my style is different.” “ I feel that I can and will chase the top spot.” Shankdogg has a goal of rising to the top and putting the dmv on the map.

Shankdogg has never forgotten where he comes from, the place that created and developed his character and creativity as a child leading to a man. A native of Maryland raised in 124, the streets of Montgomery county, where he was raised until he moved to Washington d.c. This is where he learned the hustling game and adapted to the thug culture. The name Shankdogg was inherited from the streets and stuck to him till this day.

“I want people to know that this lifestyle might be entertaining but truth of the matter is that shit is real.” says Shankdogg “Don’t get it twisted, don’t fear it just respect it! When I say it I mean the game."

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