Slain Illuzion

Slain Illuzion

Abourt Slain Illuzion: Slain Illuzion born Savion Hays has been through a lot in his relatively short years. His mother’s military career led to frequent relocations, which meant repeatedly having to deal with the stress of adjusting to new environments and making new friends. His tumultuous experiences with the streets, love, and at the age of 12 witnessing a friend’s murder, Slain at first found an outlet in poetry. Eventually after hearing Jadakiss dis Beanie Sigel, he was inspired to start rapping. Nephew of Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, Princeton Graduate, award winning author of Gunshots In My Cook-up Bits and Bites of a Hip-Hop Caribbean Life, Former Editor and Chief of The Source Magazine, and part of the BET staff, Slain has learned much about the music industry by following his uncles career.

Initially, his lyrics focused on the stress in his life, but later progressed to battle raps. He began to make a name for himself at the age of 13 by battling in Newport News, Virginia, where he was living at the time. It was there he would meet Terry Moore (Jizton Newport) and Dennis Quigley (Influent). Soon after meeting they formed a group called Tha 7 Block. The group began to gain recognition and notoriety on the freestyle scene, until Influent abandoned the group to pursue a solo venture. At age 14 Slain and J New decided to maintain their two man crew, and renamed the group to “Young Dynamix.” They garnered for success with their first CD, the self produced Street Demo Vol 1. At the end of 2004, Slain would find his family packing up and moving once again, this time to Lorton, Virginia. At the age of 15 he continued to promote “Street Demo Vol 1” at his new school. Slain was the leader of Young Dyanmix and soon after the move, Jizton Newport took the same route as Influent, leaving Slain alone.

Slain then began to work on his solo album “ A Rappers Diary” and started constructing his own entertainment company YD Entertainment. Inspiration for the album came from his surroundings, the new crew he found himself running with, his new and once again tumultuous relationship, and the serious legal action he got mixed up in. The album made $3000.00 dollars in two month. With 600 copies sold and 1000 passed out, Slain did well for his first serious project. Court dates aside Slain is now trying to put his past behind him and keep his life on track. Now a Full Sail University student, Slain is thriving to set a positive influence through music, fashion, and popular culture with his new movement Earth Gang. The future holds many things for this artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, graphic designer, web designer, artist manager, and this list goes on and on.

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