SMASH - Return of the Mac

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"Return of the Mac" Mixtape

About "Return of the Mac": Mister Killer with the flow is BACK! ” Baltimore native, Smash a.k.a T-Mac, the self proclaimed King of Rap, is returning with his 4th mixtape, “Return of the Mac” featuring beats from G5Kid Murph, King Midas, J.Oliver, Top Secret, D. Banks and Lex Luger on March 21, 2011. Although his mixtape is titled “Return of the Mac,” after listening to the first couple of tracks, it is evident that the Mac NEVER left. In fact, Smash makes it clear through his lyrics that the duplication of his style and delivery from other artists would not permit his essence to leave the game even if he tried to take a departure. Smash addresses his impostors about their failed attempts to imitate his approach to the rap game in the track titled “Swag.” “You can’t be like me, you can’t do my thing, you can’t jock my style or mimic me, it’s in my veins.” The primary reason why no one can emulate what Smash has mastered since he has been in the music industry is because he is true to himself and has remained that way however, this time around Smash has dug deeper within himself and he is unveiling and reintroducing “the Mac” in rare form. This mixtape will disclose why Smash has defined himself as the king. “My consistency— that’s what makes me a king—making good music constantly.” Smash has stayed true to his promise to continually create quality music as it shows through the number of downloads and radio spins documented from his past projects. This time, Smash a.k.a TMac has “returned, only ten times hotter.”

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