About SNRG: Virginia has blessed the entertainment world with platinum selling artists such as Trey Songz, Missy Elliott and Pharrell of the Neptunes. Its diverse culture and close proximity to the nation’s capital paves a path for aspiring musicians to find their place in a versatile and vastly growing music scene. In a pool swarming full of what can only be seen as replicas of already established artists, you find out of the norm, a group of talented individuals who wear their music on their sleeves, literally. Their name, SNRG, defines in today’s society, what everyone feels at one point in their lives... Some Never Really Get [SNRG].

What exactly is SNRG?  “SNRG is the combination of distinct elements, collaborating to create a mutually advantageous outcome.” This coalition is the brainchild of Filipino brothers, Beau whose stage name takes many forms from L.A.Stone to LASTone and Aaron, simply known as Intricate Speak [i.speak]. Inspired by family and friends to turn his writing into music, i.speak turns a simple beat into a masterpiece, carefully intertwining words that will leave you in awe. “I’m fittin’, fittin’ to crack a melon, fill in the hole, he fell in, willin’ to kill all felons, no mercy…” His wordplay can only be compared to the likes of Eminem, Cannibus and Lupe Fiasco. L.A.Stone is the frontrunner of the two, taking the role as the hype man on stage. Not as timid as his younger brother, Beau possesses an ability to capture an audience attention with his playful yet clever verses. His background includes host for MYX North America, “The Hood” as well as guest appearances across various cable networks. These two have appeared on MTV Asia teaming up with Philippines rising young star, Kat Alano. Also appearing on their music is a Northern,Virginia native who goes by the name, Caila Baby. She’s a great addition giving inspiration to young females worldwide.

Their list of accomplishments include performances with America’s Best Dance Crew, Fanny Pak and Boogie Bots along with the opportunity to open up for Wale in February of this year. They’ve performed with other hip hop artists from the Philippines like Pikaso and J.o.l.o from The Renaissance. SNRG has performed worldwide in major cities from Los Angeles to Manila, Philippines. Currently, they can be found at venues in the DC Metropolitan area gracing stages at the Park at 14th and Jammin Java, a music club ranked as one of the top 100 clubs in the world according to ticket sales by Pollstar Magazine.

You can find exclusive t-shirts online donned with their signature trademark. Their logo, a G, designed by i.speak himself, is well known and loved by fans worldwide. “Some never really get. Those that get it, get us.”

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