Possible Designs if the Washington Redskins Change Their Name

Sports: Possible Designs if the Washington Redskins Change Their Name
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As you may have heard, the Washington Redskins' name is under a bit of assault for its perceived racial insensitivity. Some people scream about how awful the name is, others scream that it's the greatest name in professional sports, and still others take action ... by firing up Photoshop and seeing what kinds of new logos they can design.

Via the must-read-for-'Skins-fans blog Mr. Irrelevant comes this collection of possible new logos, featuring hypothetical names: The Washington Warriors, The Washington Renegades and The Washington Griffins. (Washington Jacklegs has already been claimed by Congress. Ha ha ha.)

These logos are the result of a contest over at 99 Design, and there are hundreds more where these came from, so check 'em out. And please, feel free to leave your comments on the merits of these below.

You know what? After seeing these designs, we're totally on board with a franchise overhaul. Not for political reasons, no; it'd be so much fun seeing the fights that would happen as the team tried to decide on a new name and logo. - Jay Busbee yahoo

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