Ugly Loss Could Mean the End of Mike Shanahan

Sports: Ugly Loss Could Mean the End of Mike Shanahan
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Gary Kubiak was Mike Shanahan's offensive coordinator for many years in Denver.

This week, Kubiak became the first NFL coach fired. His longtime boss might be second.

The Redskins melted down in a terrible and embarrassing loss to the Chiefs. They were down 31-0 in the second quarter. When they finally scored, they gave up a kickoff return for a touchdown on the next play.

The Chiefs took their foot off the gas in the second half, after taking a 38-10 lead into halftime, and allowed the Redskins to escape with just a 45-10 loss. It could have been much worse.

The Redskins could at least take comfort in knowing that their terrible record, now 3-10, will result in a great draft pick. But their first-round draft pick is owned by St. Louis as a part of the Robert Griffin III trade.

So all that's left is to clean house, and it seems almost inevitable that Shanahan will go.

The constant bickering through the media has become ridiculous. The latest was Sunday's story that Shanahan was prepared to quit before the wild-card playoff loss to Seattle last season over owner Daniel Snyder's preferential treatment of Griffin, but Griffin's knee injury led Shanahan to stick around. Even if that story seems logically dubious, someone had to leak that story to the media.

It's hard to imagine Snyder sitting through Sunday's game and not being enraged. Sure, it was snowing and sloppy for the game, but the Chiefs played in it too. And they pounded a Redskins team that looked unprepared and unmotivated. The Redskins charge some of the highest ticket prices in the NFL, and it's hard to imagine anyone who bothered to go felt they got their money's worth.

Shanahan has won one playoff game in the last 15 NFL seasons, and even that was almost eight years ago. That's crazy, considering his reputation, which was made when John Elway was still playing football. Shanahan hasn't won any playoff games for the Redskins, and he isn't going to the playoffs this season. He is 24-37 with the Redskins after Sunday's debacle.

The only question seems to be if Snyder will fire Shanahan before the end of the season, or if he'll wait until it's over.- yahoo

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