Stef Windsor

Stef Windsor

About Stef Windsor: Michael "Stef Windsor" Marshall represents a new generation of music makers who artistically push boundaries while challenging society’s status quo of what constitutes the making of innovative music today. Marshall’s unique approach to music shows his purpose-built song structure, versatility, esoteric style, and unprecedented diversity; inciting more times than not the interest good or bad of critics and fans drawn to his art. Raised by a single mother in the small rural county of Isle Of Wight VA Stef was born into music. Growing up as somewhat of a misfit Stef was forced to create music as an outlet to fight suicidal depression. At that time Marshall’s Father was away, Mother was either working two jobs or in school studying for her masters degree, and the black kids around school growing up didn’t take too quickly to Stef nor did the southern raised white kids want to accept the yellow boy. Stef began making music in 6th grade by playing the alto saxophone. The people would come around to accept Stef and love him after Stef started making music but the vibe of being in his own little world alone never changed. Almost getting incarcerated in 2013-14 changed Marshall’s life forever. Going to court Guilty for (possession, evading in vehicle) with a public lawyer Marshall was introduced to the law of attraction and metaphysical practices in the end walking free ironically with a kid on the way at that point. With a deep occult culture in the history of the south it was no surprise that Marshall carried on some of the traditions of his ancestors through music as a conduit. Pac said we just vehicles for our dead homies to tell stories through.

Stef Windsor reintroduces hybrid sound with the “Otherside Forever” album. A breathtaking art-piece that is passionately growing with every heartbreak & life experience. Including, the untimely death of a close friend at the hands of the police, to multiple court dates, then almost selling his soul for his family’s financial freedom, and most chillingly the depression that occurred after his grandmother's not so sudden death to cancer. Every song on the album fully shares Stef’s personal experiences. While deciding to take the route of having no features on the album, the twenty-one-year-old Virginian decides to forget the rules, and rewrite them apart sonically and lyrically. Stef takes on this supernatural manner effortlessly, while bridging the gap between the soul & heart of a home-made demo with the skill of a million-dollar studio while writing every song and giving his audience his personal best as a rapper & singer.

The same commonalities that Marshall expresses through his music connects him with the misfits through telling stories with his sensational ability to profess introspective truths discovered through his studies of the world. Stef Windsor is currently preparing his new album (A Story All About How) which will be released via a major label. From near death experiences, growing up in a single mother house-hold, and countless life lessons Stef has real Art to share.

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