Step Your Game Up

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So youíre sitting in your house, or your mamaís crib, or basement... youíre alone, and youíre pretty fucking down. This is the fifteenth label rep youíve sent this song too, and he/she wonít accept it. This is the 100th beat youíve uploaded on Youtube and yet your views arenít going up and you havenít sold any beats yet. Your following on Instagram is low, or unheard of. You go to different shows but your reaction is at best lukewarm. At this moment you start thinking negatively. ďMaybe this isnít for me,Ē ďI probably shouldíve listened to my mom/dad, and stayed in school,Ē ďMy girlfriend/boyfriend is right, this is a stupid dream, Iím not cut out for it,Ē or my favorite, ďOnly special people are cut out for this, Iím not one of those people.Ē

All of these thoughts, whatever form they may come in, will plague your mind, but whatever form they may come in, you canít let them win! Sure sometimes you need to take a break for a while, spend some time by yourself and reflect on yourself and what you need to fix, but you should never give up on your dream. Instead of thinking of giving up, you should look at it as the time for you to step your game up.

Ok, so the reaction at the shows are lukewarm, well then what are you doing. Does your performance lack energy, connection or anything else that would stop a performance from being as great as it could be and if so, fix that. Are your beats missing that one thing that can make them fire as fuck, well listen to them and reflect on them and figure it out and fix it. When you are at your lowest, itís always an excellent time for reflection and learning. Thatís where you learn the most. You donít deserve to be at the top if you canít handle the lows. Remember Gold is not found in the sky, but in the dirt.

Giving up is never the answer. Whenever you are in a tough spot, or a tough situation, donít look at it as an indication that you should give up, instead look at it as a challenge that can be met, and must be a met. A challenge that must be defeated. You may say, ďWell Iíve given it my all,Ē but Just because youíve given it your all doesnít mean that, thatís all thatís required. When thatís the case, thatís time for you to step your game up and do more. A skinny dude may give his 100 percent to lift up 125 pounds, but his 100 percent might not be enough, but if he trains properly, eats right, and gains muscle. One day heíll be able to lift that 125 pounds because he went pass his limit and improved. Matter fact, one day that 125 pounds wonít even require 25 percent of his strength to be lifted. Get what Iím saying here! Whenever youíve hit a rut and your giving it your all, but nothing is happening, it means that you must evolve, you must grow and improve by going back to the drawing board and figure out what you must change and do.

So remember, no matter how low you are, or how much youíve fallen, you should never give up, instead you should rise above it and step your game up, and as a result you will improve and get to your goals or at the very least get closer.

Written by: Jean-Bernard Lauture

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