Logic "Stewie Griffin" Lyrics

Stewie Griffin
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"Stewie Griffin" Music Lyrics
[Stewie Griffin] So, uhhh, it's been 24 hours. Got my money?
[Brian] Ohhh, uh, you know what, just give me til next Friday. I'll have it for ya
[Stewie Griffin] Oh, oh uh, that's funny. I could've sworn, I said have it today?
[Brian] Yeah, I don't have it, sorry
[Stewie Griffin] OH. Well alright then...

[Verse 1: Logic]
I'm Stewie Griffin
And this game is Brian
Beatin' the hell out of em'
Tryin', to get this money
Check the statistics
The chances of me blowin' up are far from realistic
Fuck it, I'll risk it
To have a chance at fame, I'd never miss it
I know I'm gonna be famous cause my friends and family insisted
Been on the low, concernin' my shit just like a biscuit
But it's time to let off, set off, bread this bread off
Bitches I'm comin' and I ain't finna pull out
All I do is get this money
Cut these records and cool out
My favorite night of the week to perform is Friday
But I kinda see it as Louis Vuitton day
Cause when I step up on the stage
I'm snatchin' mics like Kanye
Too swift to book me for the night
That's Andre
Three stacks, I do it big
Take no relax, I'm spittin' the facts
Catch me in the booth, droppin' tracks
Yeah they talkin' bout me
Yeah, I know they talkin' bout me
Yeah I know they talkin' bout me but
Never face to face, they evade it
By rappers I'm hated
Because I'm fly, while they just levitated
As the hating escalated
My flowing just elevated
Bitches I made it

[Verse 2: Logic]
Young jedi, all I do is stack bread
Said I, Be in the crib bumpin' Red Hot
Chili Peppers
This right here for all my city reppers
Fly talker, sky walker, get gritty reppers
Follow your dreams, this life ain't what it seems
They used to tell me I'd never make it
Now my flow streams
Across the world, spit lyrics, let them unfurl
Poetic rederick my girl
Got my mind playin' tricks on me
My eyes is closed, the ice is froze, I got it
Hip hop was never dead, but it was fallin'
And I caught it
The way I process chips, you think my brain's robotic
Fuckin' with bitches over seas cause the pussy's exotic
I went from switchin' lanes in the rain
To switchin' planes with dames
Poppin' champagne, spittin' game, and gettin' brain

[Stewie Griffin] Don't bring that trash in here. This is my house!

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