Logic ft. Raheem Devaughn "Take It Slow" Lyrics

Take It Slow
Item# takeitslow

"Take It Slow" Lyrics

Oh, oh, ah
Take it, take it, take it
Take it slow
Take it, take it, take it
Take it slow

[Verse 1: Logic]
Shawty I don't know you
But you know I'm trying to get to
Know you think I'm fine but my mind that's what gets you
Late night conversations ain't no way I'm gon' forget you
So let me lay you down, baby girl let me split you
Yes you know I want it but first time I'll get to know you
Cause this ain't about your body take my hand and let me show you
Now what we have is partnership I won't try to control you
I just want to ride, I just want to fly

[Hook x2]
I just want to take it slow
Baby you already know
I just want to take it slow

[Verse 2: Logic]
Baby girl I think I really want to speed it up
Lay you in the bed, kiss slow let me heat it up
But I promise I'll be gentle when I beat it up
Never do it on the regular but I'mma eat it up
Kiss you, touch you, tease you
Doing anything and everything I need to please you
What it is, momma let me know right now
Ain't no need to talk I just want to bite down
On your bottom lip, let your bra rip open
Never had a feeling like this and I'm hoping
We could do it again, never thought I could find heaven within
A heart of a woman and now I begin
To understand more than I did from the start
Gimme your heart, trust me with love
Baby girl that's where you fell from above
Lend me your hand, I'll be your man
I promise to do everything that I can
I'll be your Sinatra, be my Monroe
Give me your heart and I'll know it will grow
I put it on everything baby my love is yours for the taking, my darling, my drug
And now I know, and now I know


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