Think Objectively, Not Subjectively

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One thing that Iíve learned and that has helped me a lot in my life is thinking objectively. Yes, thinking objectively. See a lot of us tend to go to live looking at the world through very personalized lenses. What I mean by this is, a lot of us donít look at things from another perspective. We donít take time to put ourselves in other peopleís shoes and experience or just look at the world from a different philosophy. And when we do that, we tend to remain pretty stagnant and boring and we never fucking grow.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with music? Well thinking objectively applies to everything, so therefore that includes music, but I wonít leave you with that alone, Iíll go into detail. As an artist, the more you know and the more experience you have, the better the artist you can be. All the greats, or at least the ones who have done pretty well for themselves in the business have either been objective in their own way, or had someone around them who was and helped guided them.

When you look at things from an objective point of view, you see the whole picture, and when you see the whole picture, you understand it better, and because you understand it better you can control it and morph it to your own vision a whole lot better. For example, letís look at one of the most influential music groups of all timeÖ.Mindless BehaviorÖIím just kidding, The Beatles. The Beatles when they first started out were as pop as you could get. At one point, they were a lot like how One Direction is today, except not shitty. Anyways The Beatles were a huge hit on the radio and they seemed to be comfortable in their little white pop sound, but The Beatles were real niggas, and real niggas innovate.

The Beatles were guys who liked to look at the world from different points of view, expand their minds and push boundaries. Each of The Beatles albums all sound completely different. They kept growing and expanding as artists, not only in skill and scope, but in creativity as well. And it was all because they thought objectively. They put themselves outside of their shoes, and they looked at the world from as an unbias position as they could, and because of that they were able attain knowledge and wisdom that bettered them as artists, businessmen, and more.

This my friends is the power of thinking objectively. Whenever you think subjectively, you are relying solely on what YOU know, and what you know alone is never enough. To truly understand things you have to have at least two to three perspectives. When you do this, you can a better idea of the whole picture, and acquire priceless knowledge and wisdom in the process, which in turn helps you grow and prosper, not only as an artist, but as a human being as well.

Written by: Jean-Bernard Lauture

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