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About Ti'Jean: Not unlike the story of Hip-Hop itself, Ti'Jean's journey began in Jamaica. Born in Brooklyn, NY, about a decade after Kingston native Kool Herc threw his fateful back-to-school party in the Bronx, Ti'Jeanís own Jamaican-American identity would be formative in both his upbringing and musical influences.

Despite his Jamaican ancestry and his Brooklyn birthplace, Ti'Jean was raised in Maryland's Prince George's County, a suburban enclave where poverty and affluence exist side by side in the shadow of the Nation's Capital.

Channeling his experiences into art resulted in national recognition for his first two mixtapes, one in collaboration with DJ Vlad and the other with G-Unit and Shade 45's DJ Whoo Kid. TiíJean then released his first indie album that featured hip-hop legends Pusha T and Scarface.

Ti'Jean took some time off from music to focus on himself and experience what life had to offer "I never stopped creating. I took that time to live my life and rebuild myself and get better so I can come back stronger. That's what I was doing that whole time," he says. After stepping away for a short time, Ti'Jean is ready to show the world what he's been working on after his time away. And what did he learn in his absence? "Don't put a time limit on yourself. Everybody has to run their own race. Time is an illusion. Age is an illusion. Be defiant. Break rules. Don't give a f#%k about what anybody's telling you."

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