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About Tonkyman: DnB Productions aka Tonkyman was founded in the fall of 2004 while BrianAdrian and Duval were sophomores in college. We compose music through various conventional (piano, drums) and unconventional (beatbox, armpits) instruments. Tonkyman has produced a major portion of the debut cd for Newark, NJ rapper Motiv. We've also leant our services to upcoming artists such as The Authentic and Fortae the Beast from Philadelphia, and G5 Clive from DC. Right now we are working with two Talented songwriters, Zeek and Jon Pierre. These gentlemen are on the way to big things. Be sure to hit us up to find out how to get in contact with them. As a professional production company our goal is to bring out the best in artists we work with.

Our mission is to translate all the crazy and weird influences from life into music. We specialize in both music and song concepts. We run musical escapades on the East Coast of America; however we are currently expanding operations via the internet and the Hubble Space Station.

Alot of people have been asking who/what is Tonkyman? The simplest way to put it is, it's our alter ego. Music is an art, its freedom. We don't want to get boggled down with the norm, especially in terms of what type of music and who we should be making music for. We make music for everyone. Tonkyman is us stepping out of the norm, going to different places, and ultimately, Taking Music Where You Want To Go.

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