Logic Interview with Complex Magazine

Video: Logic Interview with Complex Magazine
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Logic Interview with Complex Magazine

Logic is one of the game's most talked-about rappers at the moment, and with good cause. His rapping skills are unparalleled by most of his peers, and with four solid mixtapes behind him, anticipation is very high for Logic's upcoming debut on Def Jam.

While playing the still-untitled new album for his friend OB, a music producer also from Maryland, Logic apparently got some very high praise. In a new interview with Complex, Logic reveals that OB described his album as "Graduation meets [good kid], m.A.A.d city," which is quite a lofty statement. Logic's full explanation is as follows:

“We had our homie OB come to listen. He’s a producer from Maryland as well. And he was like ‘This is like some Graduation meets [good kid], m.A.A.d city.’ And I was like ‘Damn, that’s a pretty big [comparison].’ And what he meant by that was I guess maybe the introspective coming of age story of a m.A.A.d city. Me introducing who I am. Like Kendrick kinda did there. And then also with the sonics of Graduation. Now by no means it’s not a rap, ‘80s power thump like Graduation was. But just the keys and the synthesizers and the live strings…Everything is very organic and raw and natural. And yet flowing together from the pianists that I brought in. It’s a musical album. And it’s also extremely Hip Hop.”

He continued, speaking on his lack of fear when incorporating his biggest influences.

“It still has the Hip Hop authenticity except it’s like I didn’t want to put myself in this stupid, little box that is a genre of just one thing,” he said. “Rather than just Hip Hop or just this or just that, I wanted to incorporate my love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For Nirvana. For [A] Tribe Called Quest. For Wu-Tang. For Drake and Kendrick. You can hear all my inspirations. A lot of people are very scared, you know? ‘Oh, he sounds like this or he sounds like [that].’ Man, I don’t give a shit who I sound like…But as long as it sounds good. Will you remember me in 10 years? That’s all I care about…The overall sound can only be described as music. Like at its finest. It’s very dark. It’s a very dark album.”

Watch the full interview above, and let us know if you think Logic can live up to the tall order of creating an album that combines Kanye's sonics and Kendrick's stories.

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