Vito Brown

Vito Brown

About Vito Brown: Vito Brown is moving towards a bright future in hip hop and entrepreneurship. Raised in a broken home, along side his mother hailing from PA who, struggled to keep a roof over their head, while his father was absent handling his own agenda. Vito Brown (Born Vernon Niikpakpa Buckles) who has recently found the appreciation for his West African roots. Vito was born and raised as a DC/Maryland Native. Vito Brown's distinctive story is one of triumph and overcoming the odds. Brown started writing and performing as a way to express himself. After just occasionally sharing his gifts with close friends, he realized he could take his talents even further. A nearly tragic circumstance changed Vito's life and his quest for success in the music industry and this has given him a hunger that is unmatched against any MC around. His nomadic sound is unforgettable and untouchable. His style is so diverse due to his travels and residing throughout the states, its hard to pinpoint where he is from. Vito has a style that the East coast, South, Midwest and the West coast can relate to. He has a classiness that lays on the edge of what Vito Brown likes to call "Presidential." From the inclusion of real life street tales, Vito Brown is a vivid storyteller that holds no bar in delivering the truth in his music. Not forsaking those from the streets nor hip-hop intellectuals, Vito Brown's music crosses both lines, giving him a mainstream appeal. His goal as the president of his "Freshea" clothing line is to be a universal brand, along with his company and crew Tha Bank Ent. Vito's Purpose is also to push education (being a triple degree college graduate), knowledge, and to give back to the streets, and encourage the youth to believe in his quote "I Live My Dreams"

Vito Brown names other MCs such as Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, TI, Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, 50 Cent, and Rick Ross as influences and has worked with music industry heavyweights such as Ray Voight, RaRa the Party Starter, Dj Joe, Dj, Bless, Lex Boogie. Nick Jetson, French Connection, Dragnet, and Producers the Beat Monkeys. Vito also has an impressive performance resume having performed not only in venues across Maryland/DC and Virginia (DMV) but also in cities such as Kansas City, Philly and St. Louis. Aside from the music Vito Brown also has experience in graphic design, mentoring, production, management, basketball and marketing.

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