Welcome To Brownsville

Item# wetobr

Album: Warriorz (2000)

[Intro] Ah here we go, here we go I´ve got to go (ahahahaha) Ehh, you motherf***ers (arhd) Ehh, I just have got to dig on Play my track Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[Teflon] Aha City All Yea (oww) 4 life Life, uh

[Chorus: Teflon] Ayo, it is all live nigga But it is allright, one fine, fo´ fine nigga But it is all tight (gimme that!) Where you from nigga? (that is right) Make it real clear (clear!) The ville (ville!) (that is right) Here (Hell yea!) We still here

[Teflon] Another yeahr scratchin´ But this time around, Loud that got down with the action Nigga, y´all know what´s happenin´ We full grown nigga What you call Hell, we call home So pack your f*ckin´ bags & move on nigga Hostile takeover, still got the camp time Lock & let this deal pop I..take your place soldier Nine yeahrs frontin´, been a long time comin´ And you can bet your sweet ass to comin´ from all my cousins I am a Brownsville slugger with a pound´s where I slug ya And them hounds will mug ya but the town still love ya (Fi-Ayaaah!) get yours Get raw, get pissed off We trained them up to the big door Train hard to get your cabin twist off This tough law baby But you still got to learn how to bust laws crazy On a hilltop but you still got some rough dogs baby It is all fundamental to hold guns & blow guns is a sin too Welcome to Brownsville

[Chorus with variations]

[Lil Fame] Whatever, whatever nigga I grip it, cock it Pop, pop, pop, pop it til your blood run Hear the flood come now! You niggaz just called amnesia I should grap this bat & beat your ass into a seizure

[Teflon] Let em know who has real son This aint no luggage tight trippin´ M.O.P. 1st fam, slip the clippin´ right

[Lil Fame] Heat up your chest & mind Show your people flesh & blood When I join the gun orgie with this forty-edged doe (OHH!) I put it down with my niggaz from the dungeon Since the day the pigeon coohs Kelly caught your free lunches We hit the industry & straight send it for the hill Aint nothin´ worse I spit it Bitch, I did it for the Ville (C´MON!) I am from B-R-O-W-N-S-V-I-double L-E What the f*ck you gon´ tell me? This is the place where M.O.P. foundation was built And some of the illest killaz was killed

[Chorus w/ variations]

[Billy Danze] Nigga, you witcha man the Danze now! (SHOULD YOU BE ALARMED?!!) should you be alarmed? You betta grease your palms, you betta grip your arms And step lightly, I pop shots from both so don´t intize me It is the RETURN of the realest niggaz M.O.P. (FIRST FAMILY!) Some of the world´s illest niggaz Guerilla niggaz with all intention to win All intention to sin It is on a pop & again nigga (Man, f*ck M.O.P!) Whoa Flip, he has just playin´ It is time for you´s the man Don´t understand what he is sayin´ Maybe he don´t see Manna P logo for they post it Maybe he didn´t know Shaq was back in double toasted Ready to smoke crack (THE OL´ BK WAY!) We gentlemen tell ´em all goddamn day Say what you want to say about it but don´t doubt it I fill your face from eleven knocks, holes through the back

[Chorus w/ variations] 2x

Hahahaha Arhhhhhhhhhhh (nigga!) Hahahaha (Shhhhhhhhhhhh) Hahaha Nigga! (ow!)

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