WHITEFOLKZ - F@%K Your Mixtape

Item# whfyomi

Whitefolkz "F@%K Your Mixtape" Mixtape

About Mixtape: Artists dont understand that if you have the best lyrics in the world, no one is gonna hear it if you make theirs ears bleed. The first step in putting out a good tape is having the production to go with it and DJ Ykcor holds that down here. The next part is consistency and you wont see any issues with that on the tape either. Whitefolkz stands out for the fact that he doesn’t try to be what he isn’t and that’s why hes better than a lot of you. You can listen to any song on this tape and wouldn’t be able to compare the sound with anyone else because he has originality. Aside from having a unique sound Whitefolkz got flow with the lyrics to go with it. Tracks 5 & 11 go hard and it really doesn’t matter if you accept that or not cuz he got bars. Play track 10 ‘Pussy Pussy Marijuana’ then tell me you aint fuckin with him, it seems like he could go into any area of music and still do it right. If you never heard this man then you gotta get on that. Featuring some of the DMV's hottest artists including Mo Betta, KingPen Slim, and more!

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