About XcLewsive: XcLewsive makes music. Who cares right? The general consensus is that it seems like everybody makes music nowadays and that’s understood. So forget about the complex multi-syllabic rhyme scheme laced with inners and outers reminiscent of some of the all time great lyricists that he incorporates in his verses. Just forget that. Never mind the extensive vocabulary featured in the bars that one might suspect a librarian or English professor to have let alone a relative unknown from the nation’s capital. Never mind that. Disregard the hardcore hypnotic hooks, the signature adlibs that compliment the rawness of his raspy flow, the beat selection worthy of being God’s soundtrack, etc. None of that matters. Why? Because the dream is everything.

XcLewsive lists Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ma$e, Jay-Z, Eminem, Twista, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac and Biggie as rap artists who played a major role in influencing him to become a songwriter and entertainer himself.

In a 2011 studio session XcLewsive was introduced by Joe G, his recording engineer of four years, to former DMV Producer of the Year X-Quiz AKA Crank Lucas, who happened to be present at the studio and sat in on the session. “When I first met Crank it had the feel like somebody important was in the room,” XcLewsive recalls. “I was working on a song and Joe couldn’t get the tempo on this one instrumental I wanted to record on. He asked Crank if he could get it and Crank went to work. He got the tempo and did the mix for the track. Simply put, it was amazing to see him do what he does with music. The guy’s a genius. After my studio session was over, he gave me his business card and I think I called him the very next day to talk about purchasing some of his instrumentals. The timing was great because I felt I was really starting to come into my own as a high caliber lyricist.”

The word “exclusive” can be defined many different ways. One particular way the word exclusive can be defined is “belonging to a particular individual or group and to no other.” That specific definition would serve as a good depiction of the musical talents harnessed by recording artist and songwriter XcLewsive. Possessing a tireless work ethic, limitless ambition, and being a perfectionist by nature only serve to further his efforts to leave a permanent imprint on the music world as he continues to develop and cultivate his own signature sound on his trek to lyrical immortality.

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